Water birth at Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Hello moms, I'm currently under Queen Elizabeth Hospital, and my plan is to have a water birth. I've read some bad reviews about the hospital, and now I'm thinking of transferring to another one like St. thomas. I'm just worried about it being too far if I'm not feeling well or in labor. Did anyone have a good experience with a water birth at queen elizabeth recently?
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I am following as water birth is one of the options I am considering. I am also with Queen Elizabeth Hospital. They have been okay so far.

I don’t have an experience with water birth but I have a good experience giving birth in that hospital in overall. I had induction and gave birth vaginally in delivery suite. The midwives were lovely and I felt taken care of. Honestly - all hospitals have patients with good and bad experiences if you look at reviews. During my induction I stayed in the birthing centre where water births take place and honestly it was very lovely!!

Hi Rana! I've got exactly the same dilemma. Feedback was not great about QE in Google reviews, but my personal experience with other QE departments was quite good, despite them been low rated too. I also had to travel few times to st Thomas to visit friend and it is indeed very long and tiring journey. I decided to stick to QE, but curious for other comments here.

I had a water birth at Queen Elizabeth in 2022, such a positive experience once in the birthing centre & couldn't fault it to be honest, the only blip was it was during a staff shortage & they nearly couldn't open the birthing centre, but the midwives were nothing but amazing throughout & I'd have no issues going back. More than happy to answer any questions, feel free to DM me! ☺️

I had an induction at QE last year, the doctors and midwives were lovely and took good care of me and baby.

I wanted a water birth at QE, but they couldn’t offer it to me (2022). It was closed due to being under staffed. It’s a shame as it’s only 5 mins from where I live and I thought it looked really nice when I had a look around. Instead, I had to book in with the birthing centre at Lewisham, but that didn’t go to plan either. I ended up getting brought to theatre at QE via ambulance!!

@Philomena I'm sorry this happened to you 🙏

Thanks a lot, everyone. Really appreciate it.

Hi, I have heard nothing but bad things about them but from experience i have had i can name it the best hospital 🙏

I had an almost water birth there in September 2023 (i chose to get out of the water right at the end). It was faultless. The staff were amazing, and the room was brilliant. The birth centre wasn't full either, so we got to stay the night in the room too. The only downside was the night staff definitely weren't as brilliant as the daytime staff, but the midwives were all excellent.

I had a water birth in February this year and couldn't fault it. I was midwife led and she was brilliant, the facilities were excellent. I've only heard bad things about St Thomas' from friends in my NCT group and positive about QE.

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