Blood in stool

I was changing my sons nappy and noticed theirs blood in his poo it was a constipated poo so idk if thats normal what should i do ill keep an eye on him and changing nappies too if it happens again ill phone my gp
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Was it actually in his poo or like around it? If that makes sense? If he is constipated he’s could’ve just tore a little bit of tissue inside his bum when trying to push it out. I would say if it happens again then maybe try something to help him soften it like orange juice (depending on how old) or prunes etc

@Geri in poo yes i looked in and saw it i have gave him prunes to help but ye if happens again ill contact gp defos

Saw something saying it could be anal fissure which is a tear in the anus that sounds painful but said its common with constipation and he has constipation

Bless him. Yeah it it happens often the gp might prescribe a sort of laxative

@Geri i have laxido put that in his drink so hope that helps

This happened to my little girl twice now when constipated so think os related shes been prescribed kids cosmocol which i put in her water or juice. It helps soften the stool. Bit shes always gotten so constipated bowel probelms run in the family and coeliac so my gp said if shes still struggling after 2 weeks to take her back and they will do a bloodtest to rule out things like coeliac x

@Hannah ❤ awh bless her ye my son can get constipated alot he has days where he is fine and others not but its his diet too i forget sometimes he had alot of carbs and that i gave him prunes he likes them so think ill give him that every week

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