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I have a very controlling MIL, and my hubby is a massive mummas boy. Im not comfortable with leaving my toddler with her to baby-sit because she always trys to control how i raise my child and trys to change her ways and everytime she asks to want to baby sit she demands it from me rather then asking nicely im not comfortable for the fact i feel like she is actually trying to take my child away from me even forcing me to leave her and let her sleep at my MIL house for a few nights i absolutely refuse and she dosnt give a shit about the way i feel or my feelings. . my mother, on the other hand, is the laid back dosnt get involved type which is what i love about her. My MIL is the type to back stab me and manipulate my husband in then making me look like a bitch which then he sides with and we end up in very bad arguments all because of her. Ive told him why and how i feel and he refuses to listen and just sides with his mum ive had enough and I want her to go away 😫 Do i have every right to be upset and always give my child to my mum rather then her ? Am i beinh unreasonable
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You do. ALL your feelings are valid. If she can betray you at the back. How do you know she won't do the same with your child. I would thread carefully

It’s your child If your mil is toxic for you she’s toxic to your child to Tell your husband he has a new family now and needs to grow up

@Tashina yep exactly right 👏👏👏👏👏👏

U have every right to be upset. Hubby needs to “leave and cleave to his wife”… he’s not married to mom-YOU are the priority ever since yall said “I do”. Your feelings matter most in this situation.

You have every right to be upset and omg I'm in the same boat

@sarita isn't it just the worst ? It really gets you angry haha

Mine dosent live with me

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