Possible cerclage or not?

I have been having cervical length scans, due to a previous loss at 22 weeks. The first scan shown my cervix at 47mm - great! 2 weeks later, it was measuring 30mm, with unknown fluid on it too. I was started on progesterone and given an appointment 1 week later. 1 week later, my cervix measured at 34mm, still with unknown fluid. I have been tested for infection yet again, and given precautionary antibiotics. The consultant said that a cerclage is the most likely option and I need to decide whether it is done electively or as an emergency. I was under the impression that a cerclage was only for a shortening, cervix- which of course mine might but at the minute doesn't seem to be. Has anyone had anything similar happen? Anyone had fluid on their cervix, and are happy to share their experience? Next week, I want to go to the consultant armed with questions and perhaps a better understanding of what I might be dealing with before I commit to a cerclage. Thanks.
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I would 100% get the cerclage. Your cervix can dramatically change length in a short space of time. Mines went from 2.8 to 1.3 within one week. I’ve just had my cerclage removed after 16 weeks and it did a great job. Ask your consultant about progesterone pessaries too. I took both as a precaution

Thank you. How far along where you when you had the cerclage fitted, if you don't mind me asking?

Mines was emergency cerclage at 20 weeks then had it removed at 36 weeks

Perfect, thank you. I'll be 20 weeks at my next appointment. Thanks again

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