I’m 10 weeks today and over the past 3 days I’ve had some light pink discharge when I wipe. Not every time but I’ve noticed it at least once a day. Starting to panic now, is this normal or should I be concerned.
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I had a private scan and got told it is normal to have some slight spotting due to the outside of the egg coming away doesn’t always happen but can, I would advise you to ring your midwife unit as they will be able to help more x

I had spotting for 5 days around the same time. I was so nervous and had a scan Monday and baby was fine. Slight bleed outside the sac to be monitored. Hope everything goes ok. I would contact your midwife to check up and do a scan anyway

I went for a scan today, No heartbeat found and baby was measuring around 6 weeks. So either I got my dates horribly wrong or my baby stopped growing at 6 weeks! I’m hoping for the first option. But I’m thinking it is probably the second. 😢

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