SSRI use in pregnancy

Hi there, I feel a bit vulnerable in posting this so please be kind! 💖 I wanted to post this anonymously as it’s such a personal thing, but I wanted to feel as though people could comment (and as far as I know there isn’t an anonymous commenting option 😅). And it’s not something women should be ashamed about either. Basically, I’m on Citalopram for anxiety and depression. Is there anybody else who is also taking an SSRI in pregnancy and worrying about how it might impact the baby? Do you have any plans to come off it before birth? Etc… Just opening up to see if anybody wants to chat about it x
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I’m not this time round but with my first I was on sertraline a bit before pregnancy and then I got put on citalopram during pregnancy. I was a bit worried about the effects on baby as I was told she’d need a bit of extra monitoring when she was born to check for any withdrawal symptoms (this is probably depending on the dosage if it’s high) but I was ensured it was the most recommended one for pregnancy. I did end up stopping it a bit before birth but it didn’t cause any issues with her. Definitely nothing to be ashamed about, so much better to get help before baby is here so you can be the best you can be for baby 🥰

Hi Charley, I take Sertraline and have done since before I was pregnant. 27 weeks now and no plans to stop. This baby needs a healthy mama to care for it and my GP said the risk to baby was verrrry low. They said about 3% have some sort of heart abnormality but all was well with heart at my 20 week scan. Don’t be hard on yourself ❤️

@Nicola thank you so much ❤️

@Jess fortunately, I am on the smallest dose so that eases my mind a little. But I understand some mums need to be on higher doses and there’s no judgement there. Did you go back on it after she was born? X

@Charley I didn’t. I probably should have especially as I was so worried about PPD which I did suffer from a little bit but I managed without, my main issue was post partum anxiety which I still suffer with almost 17m on. Newborn days were a struggle as my baby had cmpa and reflux so would never settle and i just felt useless and I do think if I’d have gone back on them then it would’ve helped but then I was also worried about the transfer with breastmilk as I ebf. You’ve just got to do whatever feels right for you. In many ways I genuinely think having my daughter improved my mental health and the fact I didn’t go back to work with was also a huge factor in my mental health towards the end x

Yes, I am on 150mg of Sertraline which is almost the highest dose (200mg) I’ve been on it for a good 10 years, after suffering with bad mental health. I was on it with my 1st born in 2021 and still on it now at the same dosage. All was well with my 1st baby and this one is also thriving! I never came off it, I knew if I came off it I wouldn’t be in a good way! happy mum, happy baby! My midwife has said it’s one of the best SSRI’s to be on during pregnancy! Withdrawal symptoms are awful when coming off them so be wary and consider your options and what’s best for you and baby 🥰

I’m on 30mg citalopram and have been for years. Was advised not to make any changes as it’s still working for me and safe for pregnancy and breast feeding. It was one of the factors that led to me being consultant led care and he’s suggested they may monitor baby for 24 hours once he’s arrived just incase of withdrawal symptoms x

@Zoë thank you so much for sharing 🙏 I am so glad that your babies are thriving 💖

@Kate it’s weird, I haven’t had a consultant or anything and I’ve not once been asked about my medication x

@CharleyI was asked at my booking appointment, but then my BMI is also over 30 and family history of pre-eclampsia so the 3 together pushed me into consultant led. My actual consultant appointment was less than 10 minutes and that’s it unless anything changes but they were way more focused on everything else other than the citalopram x

@Kate oh yeah I did tell them at 10 weeks, but I haven’t heard anything about it since. So I don’t think they seem to be too worried about the SSRI medication x

I’ve been on a very low dose ever since the back end of Covid. But then my anxiety just went through the roof with the pregnancy. The perinatal psychiatrist wanted me to double the dose, but I found it was making me really sick - like all-day nauseous. So now I’m just rawdoggin’ it. It sucks. 😖😭

@Sharon oh wow! That’s not great. I’ve been on Citalopram for a couple of years now on the lowest dose — but I genuinely don’t think I’d have got through pregnancy without it, it has been a real lifeline for me. I do wonder if that’s why I’m still struggling with feeling sick all the time though at 28 weeks!

@Charley Tbf, I was on a bunch of other things to begin with and only tried the Citalopram on its own once. But I was so sick that next day I was like, sod it, I’m just gonna have to live without it for a few months. It’s not fun, but since I started feeling the baby kicking regularly my anxiety is a little better.

@Sharon ohhh okay, that makes sense. It’s so difficult when you haven’t found a medication that you feel comfortable on yet. It’s amazing feeling the kicks isn’t it 🥹❤️

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