Belly button piercing

Does anyone know where to get the long ones for pregnancy
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i got mine at spencer’s!!


Amazon or literally loads of places online just google

I ordered mine off amazon xx

I got quite a few of Amazon

I got mine from Amazon

They’re crap though to be honest and I wouldn’t bother again, I took mine out after a week or so, they’re too long and uncomfortable I found, I just put my old one through occasionally to make sure it doesn’t close

I don't have a shipping address currently so I'm not able to order from Amazon 😅

I got some off Amazon and SHEIN

Piercing shops

i wouldnt bother you’ll probably end up taking it out anyways they’re more uncomfortable than just the normal ones and cos they’re plastic the balls are constantly falling off they’re such a hassle🤣 i’ve had mine fully taken out since like 30 odd weeks i occasionally do shove a bar through so ik it’s not healing but i’ve had it for years now so don’t think it would close up


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