Blood pressure referral

I had my midwife appointment yesterday and my blood pressure was a tiny bit high. By tiny bit I mean like 1 over the acceptable level. I know that I get white coat syndrome when I have my blood pressure checked. It happened at roughly the same point in my last pregnancy and I was referred to MAU, monitored for an hour then discharged as it was fine. It also used to happen when I had check ups on the pill, I had 24 hour monitoring and again came out fine. I agreed with my doctor at the time that I’d take a week’s worth of readings at home before my appointments and they’d take an average at the appointment, but I’ve moved doctors since then. Yesterday the Midwife said she was referring me for another check today but there were no appointments available so someone would call me in the morning. I haven’t heard anything yet. I have checked my own BP at home 4 times since yesterday and every reading is fine as I expected. Do I bother chasing up this appointment? 🙈
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What was your BP when she did it and your average home reading?

@Emma they called me eventually so I didn’t have to chase it up. Had some monitoring and all fine 🥰

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