Progesterone experiences?

So after a few weeks of worrying from spotting! Today we managed to locate pregnancy with a strong heartbeat. They have prescribed me progesterone and was wondering if anyone has been on this also for spotting? If so, did to calm the bleeding down? Thank you :)
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Congratulations!!! ✨ I have just been prescribed progesterone myself because I’ve had 7 losses in the 5 years we’ve been TTC… the progesterone thickens the lining of your uterus to make sure baby stays all snuggly in there 😊 It’s a good thing! 🥰

I have been having spotting too and have a scan tomorrow and really hoping to get progesterone 🤞🏼did they prescribe the progesterone to you straight after your scan or more appointments required @Kynsie ? Congratulations on the heartbeat 💓

@Elin so I had a scan last week and it was a pregnancy of unknown location! So they refused to give me the medication until they had visually seen the pregnancy in the correct place x

@Elin also wish you luck for tomorrow! She said to me today unless it’s bright red and heavy not to panic too much but to obviously still get any bleeding checked over

Hi!! Do you mind me asking how far along you were when they could detect the heartbeat? X

I’ve had spotting for 2 weeks now, been for 2 scans. 1st couldn’t see the yolk sack, second there was a foetus but no heartbeat. Back on Tuesday and praying there will be a heart beat!

@Naomi 6 weeks on the dot! But I was apparently very lucky to see the heartbeat so clear so early on, x

@Ann that sounds like normal progression, my first appointment they couldn’t even detect the gestational sac!!!

@Kynsie I really hope so. It feels like I’m waiting a lifetime to find out

On progesterone for spotting and incompetent cervix (will have surgery at 12 weeks) and took it to birth (34 weeks) with my little one.

I’ve gone through ivf so need progesterone until 12 weeks. I actually had the amount upped due to bleeding for 3 days from 11dpo

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