Hi everyone! Hope everyone’s little bubbas are all keeping well 💕 just a random one here, I’ve had now my 4th period since having my LG and just wondered if anyone still passes small blood clots or if it’s just me! I nearly 6 months pp and had a c section… just with my current period I still pass some and not sure if I should see a GP or it is normal after a baby….
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You can pass blood clots with periods normally , I have always but if you’re worried no harm speaking to gp. I know periodscan be different after baby

Thanks Sophie! I think I’m so used to my periods before and not having blood clots it kinda freaks me out now thinking what’s going on but of course I don’t think all our bodies quite go back to how they were before sometimes! Navigating through these new changes and experience is a lot sometimes 😂

@Lauren it definitely is yh ! Lot can change after baby xx

My periods since having my daughter have been SOOO much heavier than they used to and I have noticed small clots here and there! I'm not too concerned but if you are worried about, no harm in asking the GP x

Yes some. Im also on my 4th period and its still super heavy first two days as well compared to my pre-baby periods. This is my 2nd baby and my 2nd c section. Tbh our body never got a flush out for 9 months so I guess it needs to normalise somehow 🤷🏼‍♀️

Yeah same here but only now and again but my periods are so much heavier now like it’s insane! I used to only be heavy for the first day before giving birth but now it’s so heavy for the whole 5 days i honestly dread the day I come on now😩😩x

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