Hi girls. I've just noticed this on my little boys arm (9.5months). It doesn't show up properly on camera but, it's lots of little red pin prick marks. I don't feel anything when I run my fingers over it however, it also doesn't disappear when I press down on it. Any ideas? I am currently waiting for partner to come home with the pram to take him to get seen
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Hey, does he have a fever or any other symptoms?

@Christina he was really tearful through the night last night but we put it down to teething as he has 2 cutting through. Just been seen at a chemist and he has said as it's only on that part of the body, he suggests getting the doctors to prescribe antihistamines but to keep an eye on it spreading, temp and any changes in his water intake and nappies All I was playing in my head was them telling me meningitis 😩😩

Oh okay. Yeah keep an eye and if you're worried, give 111 a call

Have you done the glass test x

@Sophie yes, it doesn't disappear. The chemist also did this check and said if it spreads to go straight to hospital but for right now, treat with antihistamines as its just in this area as a cluster x

my son had this all over his body. i put it down to heat rash but he turns out it was the start of chicken pox. keep an eye on it xx

@Lauren fantastic 😩 there is a few children in the room next to his at nursery with Chicken pox x

My daughter had these spots very often throughout her 1st year i was back and forwards to the doctors and hospital and was always told it was a viral infection and she was given antibiotics but never actually told what was causing them they seemed to get worse when she had a cough so she grew up calling them her cough spots 😂

He shouldnt of been given antihistamines… my boy has SO many allergies, allergic reactions the rash dissapears when you roll a glass on it… and 9/10 you can feel the rash when its an allergy, if it doesnt dissapear within 6 hours of antihistamines then definitely ring them again

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