I think my boyfriend maybe cheating on me

My boyfriend is the father of my unborn child and i think his cheating on me cuase of this , anytime his texting someone he closes the texting app out no matter what his using like messenger threw his number snapchat etc when I get near him and tells me it's so and so from work but then why close the chat out when I come near by ? Should I go threw his phone when his sleeping to find out or talk to him about it again when ik he'll just refuse to show me if asked about it cuase I've asked lastnight when I saw him do it again and he said it was his coworker and some bs about it was about work but the number isn't saved to his phone and who he claimed it was is cuase I've seen him text that coworker before and it was saved , should I be more worried that he is cheating on me cuase of this or not
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Yes you should girl .

Go through his phone

Sorry you feel like this. I know exactly how you're feeling. Has he cheated before? Is there anything else, other than the closing of messages, that's making you think he could be cheating?

@Christina he has but cuase he was "drunk" idk of he was cyase I was at work n found her panties

Heck yeah go through his phone!! Go to the deleted messages also men are sooo sneaky . Snapchat idk becuase the chats delete but check gorl

If you go through his phone are u going to leave? U are probably feeling these things for a reason maybe u can let him know that he’s acting sketchy. If your willing to leave/ know the truth and go through the pain of the truth go ahead and check but if ur not going to leave then don’t.

It’s hard to tell, of course it doesn’t look great, and I’ve felt the same way in the past, but then at the same time I also do it just because I have a silly insecurity that someone will read what I’m writing and mock me for it, and I’ll be embarrassed. I don’t know if other people do it for the same reason as me, but sometimes it’s not always because the person is hiding something, so I try to not make assumptions.

Ugh men. It’s honestly so heartless especially when your carrying a child. I’d say defo try look as he’s given u a reason too. If he won’t let u that’s a red flag in itself but stay strong n make sure u focus on u n ur baby’s health. That’s the priority 💕 (if u need help for hacks to look message me 😂🥰)

@V okay ty , but he knows I'll leave n kick him to curb n he'll lose me his unborn child n have to pay child support if his cheating

@Michelle it just seems sus to me how his acting

@Alina he knows if I find out hus cheating his losing me his unborn son n have to pay child support

you’ll only know by going through the phone

go through his phone and update us!

Girl go through it & make sure you take pictures of it from your phone so he can’t lie or refuse it if you have proof

I’m sorry you’re dealing with this girl. Definitely go through his phone. It’s the only way to feel better about the situation if you want to be with him. Make sure you go fbi deep and if you don’t find anything, just accept that he’s weird. If you do find something, throw the phone in his face and tell him to get out lmfao.

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So I went on his Facebook and saw he put our relationship on private 🥺 ig I'm not good enough to be shown off even thou he was fine with it being public befor

I am going to be talking to him in the morning when I get off. Work because currently he's at work and discussing what I saw and demand the answers. Because why would he change his relationship status to private from public? I changed it back of course, because while we are in relationship. It's public on my profile so It also should be on his and I'm disappointed because he keeps changing it. For what reason I don't know. I feel like. He's trying to hide something from me up this point because of that so some time tommrow moring I'll post an other comment with what happens

go with your gut and talk to him and see what he says.. I would go through everything like messages too

Best of luck. Stay strong and stand your ground x

Go through that phone, cause he ain’t gonna tell u nothing. He probably gonna make u feel crazy. A females intuition never lies

@Emily that the plan

Update, his phone was dead completely dead when I got home 😒 definitely still gunna go threw it when I get a chance to , I talked to him about him turning his screen off n closing the chat put when I came by when on lunch yesterday n he said it was one of his friends from work he was texting but then telling me a different name 😒 then I asked him about it then said he was texting both

I have my bestie text him and we are setting up to catch him doing it

Now that you've said something to him, he'll probably be more aware and make sure he deletes things off his phone

check his car, check receipts, check his clothes, another thing they’ll do is they’ll pick up mannerisms from the other chick.. they’ll start talking like them and changing their style.. check emails, deleted trash folder, call logs, apps deleted, sometimes these men will change a girls name to a guys name ex: stefani could be stefano 🤷🏻‍♀️ history and messages is too easy they’ll delete easily check his following.. they’re always leaving SOMETHING behind SOMEWHERE.

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