my daughter (13 weeks) has her last bottle at 7pm and goes to bed and sleeps right through until 9am should i be wakening her earlier in the morning to give her a bottle or just leave her be
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Is she gaining weight? I'm sure she'll be fine if she getting enough feeds in the day! My LB wakes every 2 hours haha xx

I’d leave her! Mine does 8-5 sleep and then 6-9. I believe if they were hungry they’d wake !! Xx

My boy goes 7-7 I just leave him he drinks enough in the day n gaining weight fine

My little one will sleep 10-6 or 1130-6 sometimes want a bottle when he wake other times he don’t when he go back to sleep and wake up he will drink a full bottle my app says he’s drinking 25.5 but I feel like he isn’t Lml. Last night last bottle was 1130pm and we up he only drink 3 oz

@Rosie my 11 week old does exactly these hours!

@Jamie brilliant isn’t it. Mine is 11.5 weeks too 🩷🩷

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