Braxton Hicks Too early?

Currently experiencing too much movement and back pains as well as tightening in my entire belly to the point it’s overly uncomfortable..
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Braxton hicks usually start around 20 weeks of pregnancy and increase at around 32 weeks. They feel like brief tightening of the abdomen that come and go, if you’re feeling constant tightenings that don’t ease after a few seconds I’d call your maternity unit. Also what do you mean by ‘too much movement’? Do you mean the baby? Your baby will move more and more until around 32 weeks where frequency and pattern will remain the same, although as you get bigger the type of movements will change but frequency shouldn’t x

How far along are you? There isn’t enough info to understand.

Mine started about 26 weeks

@Tania 27 weeks

@Stephanie yes baby’s movements are all day everyday and she doesn’t stop lol

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