I have found that even though I’m nearly two years postpartum. C-section mum to a boy, I’m even more tired now than I was at the start! I feel brain foggy most days. I’m guessing it’s from a lack of sleep for two years lol. I was kind of

Hoping I would feel better by now . Does anyone else feel like this?
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It’s unlikely that C-section is causing the tiredness. Could it simply be sleep deprivation? Or maybe low on certain vitamins, such as vitamin d, b12 and iron? Those are very simple to fix, and maybe if that doesn’t work it’s worth reaching out to your gp? They can actually organise some blood tests done to check the levels of certain vitamins.

@Agne thanks 🙏🏼

Go get your iron checked, tiredness and brain fog were my symptoms too, my iron was extremely low I had to have an infusion. I was sleeping really well because luckily my newborn slept well I was getting 12+ hours a day and still extremely tired ferritin was like 9 😅 made a lot of sense

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