hey guys! just looking for some advice really. i’m currently pregnancy with baby no.2 and im hoping to potentially breastfeed this one. i decided against breastfeeding with my first as i was too scared and heard lots of horror stories but im hoping to try it this time! can anyone please give me some advice as i have no idea where to even start with any of it! thanks:)
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Show your support This is a great website with tons of useful info and they have helplines/ support groups etc. I loved breastfeeding. But there might well be a few times when you need help, so reach out for help when you need it. There’s local breastfeeding drop in sessions in my area and my health visitor once got me an appointment with a consultant when I was struggling with blocked ducts. But generally it’s such a lovely thing to do. Good luck!

I would recommend asking your midwife/ the hospital for any resources they have. My hospital ran really good breastfeeding courses (both online and face to face) which I found so useful as a first time mum. Also, when I was in the ward after the birth, there were midwifes walking around the ward specifically providing breastfeeding help. Was so good as she watched me do it and gave me brilliant tips and advice re. positioning and latch which I must say made my breastfeeding journey so much more enjoyable!! And she always said that the baby mirrors your vibes so the mum must be comfortable during bf in order for the baby to be calm ❤️ Good luck!

thankyou to you both!!:)

The beginning is the hardest but most important part to get your supply regulated. I'm 9 weeks in, definitely struggled at the beginning and supplemented with formula at the start. I focus on the little things on my LG when she's feeding - her little ears, hands, eyelashes 😍 and it gets me through. Week 1-3 was the hardest for feeling like I didn't have enough supply. Week 4 was when I ordered nipple shields, silver nipple guards and nipple balm because my word did it hurt every time. By week 5 things seemed to turn a corner - I hadn't supplemented in about 2 weeks, my nipples stopped hurting and I'd feel my boobs were full and I felt she was getting enough. Now 9 weeks and I don't feel full very often or leak as much but I know that it's my supply regulating to what she needs/takes.

My LG has one bottle of pumped milk in the morning (I pump during her 4/5am feed and that can stay on the side until 9am when she has it; no need to get out of bed) so I can get ready because she's attached either asleep in the carrier or feeding for pretty much the rest of the day.

@Carys god it’s so overwhelming isn’t it! was it fairly easy to give her bottle in between breast with you pumping as i’ve heard some babies will not take from a bottle at all but i want to be able to bottle and breast purely so my partner can feed them too!

@Martha My LG took a bottle fine but I know some babies who absolutely refused, though apparently they will if Mum is not there. And using a bottle hasn't affected her latch, but I think she has quite a shallow latch anyway. She has 3oz in the bottle and feeds from the breast after if she's still hungry (she also usually feeds before as we're both awake before her Dad wakes up or she's attached while bedsharing for that last part of the sleep. If I pump less then that's she just has what I've pumped, if I pump more I save the extra to freeze. I read someone on here say something along the lines of breastfeeding is natures way of finding out who is more stubborn - mum or baby 😂 and I completely agree!!

Breastfeeding is hard the first six weeks then it get slot easier I would advice you to get hold of your local feeding team contact.. they were very helpful with my breastfeeding journey

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