What is stopping you losing weight after your baby?

Are you happy in your body?
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When I was pregnant I was so scared about losing the weight pp because people say it’s so hard. But it’s actually not that hard if you do try

I did everything right, tracking everything i ate, eating in a deficit, running 3x per week, and weightlift 4x per week and still lost nothing (i did this consistently for 6 months). Not even a pound. I had a hormonal imbalance that was preventing my body from burning fat. If anything I was gaining ! (I do understand muscles weigh more but that wasn't it lol) so I'm not saying everybody will have that challenge but I understand how difficult it can be lol

Breastfeeding is stopping me. The only thing that I’ve noticed help my supply is just stuffing my face. I’m literally constantly trying to force myself to eat to feed my daughter. When she was initially born i had no appetite at all and everyone forced me to eat since they said it’d affect my supply.

I’m not 100% happy with my body but I’m finally able to lose weight through fasting and cutting some items from my diet (dairy, sugar and meat) so now I’m not constantly bloated and back to my pre pregnancy clothes. Overall just feel like my body is fighting me but it’s probably just hormone inbalance 😅

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