Editing maternity photos?

Would it be weird or bad if I edited my belly in my maternity photos? I love them but in a big girl so I have a B belly and I went with right outfits because it was the look I wanted. I got the photos and I love the. Other than I feel I just look fat In most of them and not like I’m pregnant. I’m thinking of editing my belly just a tiny bit to round it out a bit more but I don’t know if I should. I just want to really love my photos but also want to love the body that grew my son no matter how it looks
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Can I see? I bet they are beautiful as is!

I think you do!!!!! These are beautiful Lydia!!

They’re gorgeous! Also, more on the legal side, a lot of photographers prefer you don’t edit their photos since it’s their artwork essentially, and many have a clause about it in the contract!

@Chloe thanks for the advice I did just double check my contract and didn’t see anything about editing or altering anything

I say do it! If it’s what you want 💞 I like them as they are bc it’s the raw you. Once you have the unwatermarked pics do what you please to them… the artist doesn’t have to see the alterations. Please print both versions out so you don’t ever lose the originals :) I was thinking of doing the same if I don’t grow bigger by the time it’s my shoot. Since I’m showing small and want a pronounced belly for my shoot x

I agree with @Heather - if you choose to edit, maybe keep both 🙂 you may want to look back on your originals, especially if you’re having a girl and she gets pregnant someday. She might experience similar and it could be really cool for her to see that you feel connected to both versions

I edit anything I am unhappy with honestly

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