Constantly need a wee?

Im 20+3 and I’m constantly needing to pee really urgently, sometimes up to 3 times an hour. I think it could be baby laying on my bladder ? I don’t have any uti symptoms. Is anyone else going through this?
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🙋🏻‍♀️ Me! I also have had no UTI symptoms so think he’s just sitting low and pushing down! It’s not too bad while I’m sat down but when I stand up the pressure there makes it feel so desperate! Im 24+2 now and trying to make sure I do my pelvic floor exercises to help!

Yes. As soon as so get up to walk I need a wee

My record is 5 times in 1hr30mins 🤣🤣 babies loooove laying on the bladder. Especially at inconvenient times💗

I would still personally get a urine dip done. I had this same problem around 20 weeks with no UTI symptoms. I had to pee all the time but no pain, no burning, no bleeding or cloudy urine etc. I had a urine dip done at my 20week scan and turns out I did have a UTI. They’re so common and not always symptomatic. After a course of antibiotics my urine frequency has massively reduced despite now being 24 weeks x

I get this at night constantly

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