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I am currently 21+1 weeks and I’m a size 18/20. I also have an anterior placenta but I’m very worried I’ve not felt much other than flutters from baby. I know it’s common with an anterior placenta and plus size but I’ve seen lots of other women have more movements at this stage in similar situations any advance please?
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I’m 22 weeks. Size 10/12 normally and I have an anterior placenta. I’ve only started feeling proper movements in the last week and even the midwife said it can be around 24 weeks before you feel this so I would try not to panic (easier said than done, I know) but you’re still early x

@Steff 💕 hey lovely I’ve sent a message x

I’m 23+3 with an anterior placenta and wear a size 16/18, I first felt baby 4 days ago, before that absolutely nothing. Feel free to message me x

I am plus sized I'm a size 28 and i had my baby 10 weeks ago, I felt baby boy so much could see him moving in my belly and everything I was so worried i wouldn't feel him or have a bump or see him move, you will probably find it's more to do with your placenta then being plus sized x

as mentioned above it's way more to do with your placenta than your size. i'm plus size and have an anterior placenta and did with my first too. i'm 20 weeks and been feeling little movements the last week or 2 but nothing definite. i think with my daughter i was sure i was feeling movements at week 21/22 xx

Same and not felt anything yet x

Thank you everyone for your comments it’s helped a lot x

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