FTM - tips for Pboro hospital?

I’m 5 weeks pregnant!! After trying for so long we’re over the moon. Unsure how to deal with the NHS to be honest. The website says call GP, they didn’t want to know, and said call hospital. Hospital said to self-register on my pregnancy notes, which I did a week ago. Does anyone know what the next steps will be? Will they contact me directly to arrange scans? Also looking for feedback on giving birth Pboro hospital as we live 1/2 way between Pboro and Boston. Do they still not have gas&air?
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The midwife team will be in touch to arrange a booking appointment and scans will be arranged too. I believe Peterborough have gas and air back now too.

Hey! I was advised by my GP to register with my pregnancy notes. I was seen by early pregnancy unit at around 6 weeks when I had spotting and cramping. They organised an ultrasound and all was fine. I then was send two letters to my home address at around 7-8 weeks? This was for my booking in appointment (first midwife appointment where they urine dip, bloods and height/weight check and just check in with you) and also an appointment for our 12 week dating scan. Peterborough hospital DO now have gas and air back. We chose Peterborough over hinchinbrooke as Peterborough are generally deemed as being better for dealing with obstetric emergencies (from what we’ve been told). I have no idea what Boston is like but deffo try to speak to other mum’s who have been at both hospitals. I’m 24 wks now and have been seen in the community (I’m in Deeping) by the community midwives for my antenatal appointments and have been seen in triage a few times and genuinely cannot fault the staff @ PCH

@Abby thank you for the info 😊

@Ellie that’s great, thank you so much for the detail! Good luck with everything 💕

I'm also about halfway between both! I had my first at peterborough, and I had a really bad experience there that ended with me getting no pain relief and almost giving birth alone. In 38 weeks with baby number 2 , I chose boston this time. They've been great so far, and I'm hopeful for a smooth delivery! Of course, everyone's experiences differ, but those have been mine between the two! If you choose boston, you can also have all your scans and bloods at the Johnson hospital in spalding which is much more 1 on 1 😊

I gave birth at Peterborough 3ish weeks ago and honestly the midwife’s couldn’t do any more for you, they were so lovely and helpful, and supportive. Dad was able to stay the whole time, only downside was there was no toilet/shower or food for him. Our girl had a funny turn and they were all coming in throughout the 3 days we stayed in to check on us and her, and let us stay an extra night just so we were mentally ok which helped so much. Honestly couldn’t fault them or the midwife helpline ☺️

peterborough doesn’t do gas and air

@Zsofia they certainly do. The reintroduced entonox (gas and air) a few months ago :)

@Ellie i was induced at peterborough hospital and asked if they have gas and air and they said no because they don’t have the right paperwork or something like that, they do have epidural and spinal

unless if they have got it since

They do now, there was some filtering issue but they sorted it out

@Zsofia they 100% have reintroduced gas and air now at PCH

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