What is your typical daily routine like with your little one?

As in when do they wake up, meal times, nap time, bed time etc My little girl is all off with her routine and I want to work to get her back on track. She isn't in nursery yet and sleeps alot longer than everyone else's littles and sometimes isn't waking me until 10am after an 8pm bed time. I want to work on getting her into a proper routine in a way that she isn't tired and miserable all day
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My LO doesn’t always sleep right through and he tends to fall asleep at 9/9:30 but wakes up 6/7 am so I let him get a nap for like 30min-1hour depending on how long he slept at night. But I find if he supposedly falls asleep at 8ish and wakes up at 8 I just skip the nap and let him stay awake until bedtime. Basically I aim for 12 hours of sleep time in total and 12 hours awake time that’s the amount I found that worked for us. Anything more or less and he gets miserable. I try to stick to the base routine and just work around what type of day he has. Meal times and bedtime routine is always the same. I feel like they’re in a weird stage for sleep and routines right now so hopefully she helps you find a balance 😅😭🙏🏾

All the below times are "ISH" Wake - 7 Breakfast - 7:30/8 Lunch - 12 Nap - 12:30-1:30 Dinner - 5 Bed - 7:30 Snacks are constant throughout the day 🤣

Every baby is different and there’s no golden thumb for the amount of sleep per child. Please don’t worry that she’s sleeping more than her peers. The key is to go off tired queues rather than strict timings and having set meal times will really help set her body clock. Nutrition is really important in helping support sleep and mood during the day too. Take at look at my instagram and pop me a message on there if you would like further support x https://www.instagram.com/denzelsdream?igsh=MTg4OGZ1NWE4OWZzNw%3D%3D&utm_source=qr

7.30 ish - wake Breakfast straight away and get ready As we take her older brothers to school 11.30- lunch 12-2 - nap 5 - tea 7.30 - bed

Wake up 7:30am Breakfast 8am Snack 10am Lunch 11:30am Snack 1:30pm Snack 3:30pm Dinner 5pm Bath time 6pm Bedtime & book 7pm Asleep by 7:30pm

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