baby doesn’t like to eat

so my baby is 3 months old and the last few weeks doesn’t seem interested in eating. when she’s on the boob, she’ll be on for 2-5 mins and then be done and get mad if i keep trying to put her on, even after trying to burp her. she will only around 1.5 oz out of a bottle at a time. the only time i can get her to eat longer is if she’s sleeping basically. so i have been dream feeding her 2.5-3 oz and she’ll usually take 1.5-3oz oz a time. during the day time, she’ll never eat more than 2oz (and even that’s a lot for her). idk what to do. i’m freaking out bc i took her to the lactation specialist and they said she’s gaining only half an oz per day and should be gaining closer to 3/4 an oz. i still feed on demand and wake up multiple times a night, which is fine, but it seems like she’s getting more than half of her calories at night, waking up every hour. i am sooo tired waking up to feed her every hour. i get so frustrated when i try to feed her during the day and she won’t eat. i’ll offer the breast and the bottle to see which she prefers. she doesn’t act like she’s like super hungry or anything and has a normal amount of wet diapers. i was worried she was only getting full off the foremilk and not getting to the hindmilk since she was eating so frequently for such small amounts so i started bottle feeding more and pumping a little of the foremilk before feeding her. since doing this, her poops have definitely been more normal but she’s still eating short periods of time and little’s amounts from the bottle. i honestly feel so stressed and frustrated all day and night everyday.
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I’m going through something similar but on formula my 3 month almost 4 is 1.5 weeks has been sleep through night doesn’t eat at night anymore. But I feel like he appetite isn’t the same as before he was eating every 3 hours sometimes 4 now sometimes he go 5 almost 6 hours and will turn down the bottle. So if he has a bottle 1030/1130pm before the night and we get up at 630/7am sometimes he drink a bottle but most time he won’t he wants the bottle around 9am/10am that’s a whole 12 hours just about no food. It worries me. He has about 4 wet diapers. Sometimes 3 of them are super big but still. I’m gonna bring it up to his doctor on the 3rd.

I’m sorry you’re going through this, you’re doing a great job! It’s sounds like you’re tying lots of things! Have you tried trying to space out her feeds more during the day so that way she’s more hungry when you go to feed her and she takes a bigger feed then?

My 2.5 month old is very finicky about eating and sometimes she eats best when I stand up and walk around with her while she drinks a bottle. Especially when I bounce her a bit. I have no clue WHY but if she’s refusing to eat, sometimes this helps! I’ve also noticed that some days she eats a lot (24-27 oz) and some days not as much (20 oz) clearly she just eats on demand which I think is normal.

My 4th baby was like this.. it's so hard! I don't know if it was correlated or not but he is my only baby born with lip and tongue ties.. but he continued this behavior even after they were released.

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