Teething or ear infection?

I need some advice desperately, I've been googling and googling, and I can't seem to get a straight answer. Teething and ear infection symptoms are basically the same thing. How can I tell the difference? My LO has literally scratched the inside of her ear to the point that it has been bleeding. She is currently cutting her first tooth. She's so unsettled, crying, pulling her ears, agreessively biting things. It was one ear now it seems to be both she's pulling and scratching. I assumed it was teething, I've been giving her anbesol and nurofen/ibropfen, but it only seems to give a short-term relief. I hate seeing her in pain.
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Mine is them same and running a temp. Second tooth coming through but I took her to docs to check ears as well as she was tugging on them. She’s got a pretty hideous viral infection at tye min so isn’t a happy bunny. You could try and get an apt and see if they can check them x

We’ve had this for 2/3 days & after seeing the GP she’s got tonsillitis 😭 might be worth getting her ears checked? X

I've been trying to get a appointment but no luck so far! I've got one next Wednesday, but don't want to leave it till then (this was prebooked prior this)

@Taylor could you do an out of hours. I had to phone 111 yesterday as surgery was closed and was seen at 6pm x

@Gem I managed to get one after a phonecall back! 5.30!

@Taylor fab

@Gem She has an inflamed ear and throat, didn't give us anything just said to keep a eye, said it could be linked to teething 🤣😭 c

@Taylor yep we are in the same boat here. Mine has barely had any milk today! X

@Gem it's ridiculous really, why can't they give something to prevent it getting worse or give something to help! She's been so unsettled today! Yeah same here and barely ate her lunch or dinner, it's so hard! X

@Taylor I totally agree. Mine has woken up in a foul mood and a tooth coming through!

@Gem Mine isn't sleeping and is grabbing her ear alot more now especially when laying down! X

I'm going to take her back Monday she's been scratching it so bad it's bleeding!

@Taylor bless her! I have a hospital pat with mine on Tuesday so I’ll mention it then if still grizzly x

@Gem good idea x

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