Waking up from a nap..

One of my babies wakes up from a nap and instantly is crying and won’t stop? This happens every single day. Baby is clean, dry and fed before nap but just is upset and now will be upset for hours. I’ve tried everything to help!!!!
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@Kailyn bed times are fine it’s just nap time that’s an issue but thank you. It’s not that he won’t sleep it’s that he wakes up crying and doesn’t stop crying…

It can be used for naps too

They could not be completing their sleep cycle but are learning how to connect them. Or going through a growth spurt. How long has it been going on?

Mine does this too! Following for ideas…

@Erin it’s been going on for about a week now :( I know that he is teething and it’s bothering him but he’s totally fine in the morning until he has his nap and then is just of a completely different temperament. We have the same routine and I do stuff like breakfast and naps etc at the same time. I just feel so bad for him I don’t know what to try!

My LO was doing this a few weeks ago. What worked for us was giving her a snack (even though we don't think she was hungry) and reading her a book while cuddling on the couch or in her glider. She seemed to calm down after a few minutes. Then one day it stopped. It was about a week for us.

@Ashley thank you for your advice, I’ve tried so many different things including a snack and some relaxing stuff, books, some nice music, singing softly or even just looking out the window at the trees and the birds. He’s totally uninterested, I keep trying despite this I just feel terrible for him he’s so upset!

I'm sorry! All babies are different, but a warm bath is our go to when nothing else works. Good luck 🩷

My boy has been like this for a couple of months and I believe it's a type of character that he wakes up from naps not in a good mood cause I'm like this. I hate taking naps and if I did I wake up so irritated.

Could be he's waking up from teething or being over tired. You could try pushing his nap up about 30 minutes

@Erin I’ve tried shifting naps 20-30 minutes earlier/later. We have a schedule…he’s a twin, without it chaos would be all around us (😅) but I’m also always closely following their cues and if they are tired earlier then we nap earlier and so on. It may be the teething, have tried all remedies for teething also! Just wanted to see if I was alone in the experience or if this has happened/is happening with any other babs his age. Thank you!

I put magnesium oil on my sons feet. Even my own own. Knocks us out

my son is the same way, as soon as he wakes up from his nap it’s crying time for no reason. if i put the happy song by imogen heap on the tv, he’ll focus on it and calm down but other than this nothing works

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