Any moms in here dating? How has dating been after a kid and already being socially awkward?? I’m currently working on myself so I’m not ready just yet but I would like to be open to it soon! But the thought just stresses me out! Like what do I even say to a man! I’ve never been good w/ words but luckily I was cute 😂 now I’m older and trying to get skinny again and just not feeling myself yet on top of being awkward!
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I would say use dating apps, because then you can talk to a few people, build up your confidence more, and where you are behind a screen it reduces the pressure

I second what @Holly said! I am very socially awkward but dating sites give me the time I need to think through my responses and you can carefully choose your photos and play with the angles when taking photos. It's a lot less pressure in my opinion

To be honest I feel the same way. Just thinking about it stresses me out. I meet my daughter’s father when I was in high school and my younger daughter at work. My kids are 10 years apart. I’ve been in long relationships. Now the thought of starting over again makes me feel sick. That’s why I haven’t tried.

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