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I’m FTM so please don’t judge but my baby is 5 months and I wondered if I should be taking any steps in registering her at a nursery? Is there anything I should be doing now? What age do you have to send your child to nursery? Sorry I don’t have anyone around me to inform me on these things.
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Depends on which age you would like her to start, but yes regardless especially in London some waiting lists are up to 2 years. I would advise to view a few and put her down for a few lists. You don’t have to send them to nursery at all if you don’t want to, but it’s good to get them to get used to it by 3 to prepare them for school.

Yes you should be thinking about it, and lots of London nurseries have long waits. When you send your child is up to you, some will take from 3 months and most from 6 months. You can send full time or part time, half days or full days. I’d suggest going to visit a few local ones and seeing how you feel.

It depends, when do you need them to be in nursery? You don’t have to send them at all it’s up to you. But if you require it in the next 6 months it’s definitely worth enquiring now as some nurseries have long wait lists.

Thanks ladies, are you talking about private nurseries? I think some are run by the government right?

I would like her to be in nursery when she turns 1 this December

Some are private, and some are within children’s centres/attached to schools run by the local authority yes. Good luck, expecially will all the new schemes coming in to play I think you will struggle to get a place that soon.

I enquired about a nursery place starting in September in Brixton a month ago and they had quite a few spaces left. I think it depends where you are, but best to get your name down now if you know you’re definitely going to need it x

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