Too much feeding

My 11 week old is still feeding every 2 hours during the day but can go longer during the night. Is anybody else the same as some people have told me he shouldn’t still be feeding that often?
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Sounds like a growth spurt. My LG is 11 weeks and is doing the same I wouldn’t worry. Every baby is different x

@Molly he’s never gone longer than 2 hours during the day apart from if he’s sleeping so I’m hoping now he’s getting older it might stretch eventually!

Are you breastfeed? My LB is 16 weeks and is exactly the same there tummies are so small xx

@Chernien no he is bottle fed! Yeah that’s what I’m thinking x

Mines the same only because he has reflux, having little and often but usually can sleep through the night, but because he’s refusing to eat (eats between 500-700 in 24hrs) we have been referred to paediatrics as they’re worried he’s not getting enough as he should be eating around 900 a day

My boy is 12 weeks tomorrow and feeds like this still!

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