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Hi all. So I gave birth to my little girl in November and had a traumatic long birth which resulted in a Third Degree tear going into my bum muscles and I was sent straight to surgery once my daughter was born. Now, I’ve currently got 2 problems post surgery and I still haven’t had sex, I have a bulge of skin on the outside of my vagina that just hasn’t healed the way it should of and they have said I could have cosmetic surgery to sort this and I also have a bridge of tissue on the inside of my vagina wall which is very tight and the reason I literally can’t have anything in my vagina because it’s just way to tight, I am currently waiting on surgery for this and I’ve just called the department and they said their fully booked for the year, even though I’m due my cervical screening also due to having HPV before which they are aware of and they’ve agreed to do this while I’m asleep in surgery so really I should be a priority! I’m struggling mentally now as it’s causing a strain on mine and my partner’s relationship as we were such a sexually active couple before. I also go away in less than 4 weeks now to Spain and I’ve also been blooding for over 4 months due to problems with contraception which GP are trying to sort but I can’t wear tampons due to this bridge of tissue due to it being to tight and obviously a tampon expands when it goes in and I’m terrified of the pain because it’s not nice (bit of PTSD I think). The hospital also missed me off Physiotherapy so I was late being seen for this as I got told I had no pelvic floors at my gynea appt in April. Is there anything I can do? I’ve been told I could claim potentially, what does everyone think?
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