Any other tummy sleepers?

How do you deal with the anxiety? 😭 he just mastered rolling both ways, when he plays he can rotate his body in a circle and will roll all over the place now and finally my fear has happened of sleeping on his tummy lol. I used to do it when I was a baby also but just help me feel less anxious I guess guys please 🥲
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Honestly my LO has always slept on her tummy except wen she slept wit me. I just make sure when she's sleeps on tummy it's in her bassinet n not my bed. At first I was always checking her. Now I'm knocked up until she wakes up.

Mine has slept on his tummy since about two months old. 🤷🏼‍♀️ He absolutely hated sleeping on his back and would fuss all night. We finally just let him (I barely slept I was so nervous)- he started sleeping 8+ hours a night at 2 months old so we just rolled with it. He’s now 5 months old and rolls both ways so I don’t worry as much. But that’s what worked for us.

My daughter recently learned how to roll over from her back to her stomach, and she slept on her belly for the first time a few nights ago. I was feeling pretty anxious, but my husband reassured me that our baby has excellent head control and can lift her head if there were any issues. Also the mattress should be pretty breathable, and that seemed to help with the anxiety.

@Cherise I used to use a Velcro strap to keep him on his back but was starting to try and roll in it so I had to remove it. But he started last night and I didn’t see till I woke up 😅 but it’s esp when he has his head straight down over his hand so he can suck on it. When he moves his head to the side and I can see it’s sooo much better, ugh being so anxious is hard but I just keep telling myself as he gets older it will be better (even tho I know I will just worry about new stuff lol) I just need reassurance sometimes for sure!

@Kayla ur lucky I wish she slept 8 hrs she wakes up every 2 hrs. Once in a while she sleeps 8 hrs. Yeah she just started to sleep on her back. She would fuss unless she was in the bed. But I co slept in the beginning cuz I breast fed and it was easier for me

My little girl just started sleeping on her tummy a couple weeks ago when we transitioned to her crib. It definitely still gives me anxiety. I naturally wake up a couple times a night to check on her but she’s been okay. And she sleeps so much longer now that she is more comfortable. She naps better too. I am thinking of getting the Owlet Dream Sock just for extra peace of mind though.

@Maria this one use to roll over she hated her back. I think it's cuz I co slept so she would literally be on her side snuggled in the crock of my arm. Don't let me put the vibration on the bassinet she will damn near flip over to lay on her chest.

I have a belly sleeper and idk what I would do without the newton mattress! Gives me peace of mind knowing it’s breathable

My daughter sleeps on her stomach and I don’t try to move her. I just checked to see that her mouth and nose are visible from the side

I used a owlet sock for awhile but I stopped once I felt comfortable with him sleeping in his belly🤷🏽‍♀️he’ll roll back over eventually

My son might start sleeping on his stomach now that he can roll over from back to front — when he does sleep on his stomach — his face is to the side maybe you can help move babies head so he is slightly sideways

Once they’re able to roll over it’s okay for them to sleep on their tummy. Usually it’s recommended that we still try to lay them on their back when we first put them in. However, my girl would roll right on her belly and go to sleep so I finally just put her down on her belly. They say belly sleeping is more comfortable anyways and helps them sleep longer. Nothing to worry about as long as you practice safe sleep. Congrats on your new roller!

If baby can roll both directions (front to back and back to front), then you should be ok to let them sleep on their stomach. Just make sure you’re not using any type of swaddle anymore (we use the Merlin sleep suit so even our baby’s legs are free) and make sure baby is sleeping on a firm (not soft) surface. And please, please, please, from a 911 dispatcher who has taken this call before, do not let baby sleep in your bed if they’re on their stomach… at least not at this age.

God made babies smart. They will roll and move their face to keep their airways clear. I see it happen alot with my baby while she's still sleeping and I'm next to her. As long as there aren't fluffy blankets or things she would get tangled in

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