Is this chicken pox ???!😩

No temp.. seems okay in herself, she’s just getting over a chest infection so not eating great still. Ignore the white one in the middle that’s from when she threw herself back against the kitchen cupboards when I put her down for one second to wash my hands 😭
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This is my son currently. He start with just one then it blistered and then popped before he got any others

Does she have it anywhere else? Slapped cheek is going round that comes with a rash xx

No fluid… but could this be pre-fluid??

@Kiera yeah pretty much everywhere but not on her cheeks

@Sophie she had that last week lol it looked slightly different and completely disappears with piriton.. we have a doctors appt in the morning, still think it’s chicken pox..

Apparently it’s hands foot and mouth!

It didn’t show in her hands n feet until later on .. but yeah 🤷🏽‍♀️ new disease every week, I think she’s collecting them 😂😂

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