Intimacy after birth

How soon were you intimate with your partner after birth? I had a c section and I’m 10 weeks PP, I feel I’m ready but my partner seems totally uninterested
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I was about 8ish weeks I think, just took it super slow and it was fine :)

I was 2 weeks after birth 🙃 not the best but I felt ready and was in no pain

It was about 10 days PP but luckily I felt comfortable and ready! Perhaps you could discuss it with him and see why doesn’t quite feel ready yet? 😊

I was 12 weeks pp after a vaginal birth. My husband was interested and waiting and that was when I felt ready. Maybe try having some other intimate time to reconnect more until he’s ready which might help. Cuddling on the couch together after you put baby to bed or something like that

6w. I have a high sex drive, even waiting that long was torture to me. He sits next to me at night talking to me while I BF though and I hand baby over to him so he can burp and change diaper etc, when baby is put down I go and cuddle him until I was 100% sure I was fully healed when we did the deed, and at least 2-3* a week since, it’s been 4yrs since I had the baby so. It did hurt the first few weeks we tried though, I felt super tight and we just took it slow

Not yet but I'm not 6 weeks post surgery yet. My husband wants to but I've told him to wait till 6 weeks. I honestly don't have much interest, I just want to sleep

I had sex 6weeks after, it was quiet painful but I did enjoyed it.

Intimate…..within a week. Like I would give him bj’s even though I wasn’t close to ready for being touched or anything. But we didn’t attempt to have sex until about 6 months later.

I’m 16 weeks postpartum and I still don’t feel ready. My husband understands but I know he’s getting important impatient now

Intimate? Like two weeks (I would just please him). The day it was six weeks we definitely had intercourse. It was painful and I had a c section but my bf said my scar turns him on more because that’s how our son came into the world.

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