Am I the problem?

So I’m an introvert and im a single mom and also socially awkward! So I truly don’t need much social interaction I have to be in the mood to be social and in a good mood! So recently I’ve become overwhelmed w/ bills and am trying to get caught back up and I’ve been terrible responding to everyone, my dad doesn’t understand that and gets soooooo annoying when I don’t respond to him it makes me just want to keep not responding! I’ve been working extra to catch back up and obviously still have to be present for my kid so when he’s sleep or at daycare and I have a moment I just want to mentally be checked out and relax! But he blows my phone up sends a bunch of Hearts and pictures saying he misses me and hopes I’m okay blah blah then asks me to please respond it’s super annoying!!! We have had a conversation about it so many times it’s like why do you keep doing this ! I literally last talked to him Sunday and then he texted Monday Tues and yesterday like a psycho and it doesn’t make any sense ! Am I tryipping??!! I keep telling him I just need a moment sometimes I wish he would just give me that instead of doing what he does
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Maybe try scheduling a weekly call as a compromise?

You're not tripping, he's overstepping a boundary.

@Sarah I hate talking on the phone 😂 I rather catch up and talk in person , I could set the schedule but I’m not sure I’m going to follow it all the time … maybe I’m being selfish idk! Maybe I could try it or just pick a day when I feel like it or something

@Nicky that’s how I feel! Like if you’re truly worried about me that’s one thing like If you actually think something has happened and I’m not responding by all means BLOW ME UP ! but knowing I’m fine and acting insane like we didn’t just talk 3 days ago is crazy!! We’re just like completely opposite people he’s super social and likes to talk all the time be around everybody etc and that’s just not me! I don’t know how to find a middle ground maybe I can try the setting up calls thing

There has to be some give and take. You don't have time to text back and you don't like talking on the phone. You don't want him blowing up your phone all the time. He just wants to hear from you sometimes. You said you keep telling him to stop texting all the time but what are you doing to meet him half way? If he stopped trying, how much time would pass before you actually reached out? I know it seems like a hassle now but imagine losing that relationship just because you didn't want to take some time to catch up

@Sarah you’re right I guess I could make more of an effort I would honestly talk to him about once a week naturally! He just wants to everyday and it’s too much for me ! We also are trying to rebuild our relationship though I didn’t talk to him for 7yrs I reached out to him after I had my son but with my situation it’s hard for me to handle my business be a good mom and also keep in contact w/ everybody! But I would like to keep the relationship so I’ll figure something out

As a woman who recently lost her father, I know you are overwhelmed, but try to be understanding he may be lonely and concerned. It's easy to get annoyed, trust me. But, I wish I could text or call my dad. Time stops for no one. Sending love and support to you ❤️

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