Postpartum and Pregnancy

Has anyone gone through this and if so how did you know ? So recently had a baby and I’m 7 weeks postpartum. I got checked and got the green light to have sex again. With that being said the doctor didn’t say to wait until i get my period to begin trying if we wanted to. How did you guys know you were pregnant after having a baby and not getting your period yet? Btw this was my second pregnancy.
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I was advised to wait at least 12-18 months before trying for another baby to allow my body to heal, is there a reason you're already looking to TTC?

@Raqi no reason just incase there was an oops along the way. My husband and I go to Jamaica next week and never know what could happen. lol. Plus this would be our last baby if it did happen.

I got pregnant again when my son was 3 months old I was tired sleepy no energy and vomiting terrible morning sickness all day long I hadn’t started having periods yet when I got pregnant

@Miranda when did you test to see if you were if you don’t me asking.

My babies will be 13 months apart. I checked because my period hadn’t come around again.

I was still nursing my 18mo old and it started hurting to nurse him so bad! Ended up stopping because of it at 21 months. (Boobs didn’t feel any different otherwise) I was just over 1 week pregnant. Plus super sleepy.

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