Food poisoning

Did anyone get food poisoning 😭 I've had the worst evening and night for stupidly eating out of date soup not checking the date before hand Can't get an appointment with doctors today and just a little stressed The maternity hospital is 30 mins away from me and I have a 2 year old who's hugely attached to me Don't know how to split myself tbh A week ago I was told I had protein in my wee but it was more due to lack of water as blood pressure was fine I was just getting severe headaces Thinking of resting as much as I can today as I hardly got any sleep last night either And if I'm not feeling better going tomotw What would you do?
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Really sorry, I had food poisoning in both my pregnancies somehow. I was told don't worry too much till it gets to 24 hrs. Keep trying to drink water, it's dehydration that is the risk.

I hope you feel better soon!

You could consider a babysitter maybe even though you're there for reassurance it could take the entertainment pressure off you. The bubble app is quite good for short notice sits if it helps

@Sophie awwww thank you so much so sweet of you x

Did you go to the hospital? X

I had food poisoning on Saturday. I was advised to take some dioralyte (which is safe in pregnancy) in between being sick. They then advised me, if my wee was dark and I couldn’t keep any water down within 24 hours to go to a&e.

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