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Any advice on maintaining your house? I don’t mean the inside. It’s spring and my husband and I usually spend the first few weekends cleaning the windows, taking care of the bug issues, garden clean up, etc. But that has fallen to the wayside and all we have the time/energy for is our regular weekly indoor cleaning. We are also trying to prioritize spending time together and the baby on the weekends since the weekdays are so wild. This is just how it is right now, right? Or is there something we’re missing?
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I feel this! I work from home full time and have my baby and my husband works long hours so we have very little time to clean on weekdays and don’t want to spend our weekends cleaning. I’ve started trying to find small windows (literally sometimes just 5 minutes at a time) to pick up as much as I can in a room, or wipe down some counters, or throw a load of laundry in. And it’s actually helped a lot. Obviously some days nothing gets done, but I’m trying to maintain as best I can.

We’re all just trying our best!

I feel this too! Our HOA has just started sending us letters about our neglected lawn maintenance and I just want to send them the angriest letter back. Our neighborhood is not particularly fancy, just a lot of retired people who just spend all day working on their lawns and complain if someone in the neighborhood doesn’t haha.

@Emily I can’t imagine looking at our yard and having an HOA. We’d get fined so badly right now 😂. The outside stuff is so hard right now! I can find time throughout the week to chip away at the inside stuff but I feel so bad for my husband. He also works two evenings a week and just wants to spend his weekend being a parent with me but feels so stressed with the weight of the upkeep. I’ve offered to switch off with him and do some do the yard stuff but we both agreed it’s just not for me. Plus, our baby is mainly BF and I need to be around for him. We’re all just doing our best!

@Anna when I bought this house I was single and the HOA requirements seemed so reasonable. Mow the lawn and bring the trash can up the same day the trash comes. No big deal. Clearly young and single me had no idea what being a parent was like hahaha.

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