Sleep tips plz !!

My baby is 8 weeks old and I feel like is constantly waking up throughout the night. He isn’t hungry or wants to feed but it’s more so comfort that he wants and falls asleep right after.
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@Lisa thank you !!

My baby hated swaddles, I thought she was just a fussy baby but when i let her sleep one night with her hands loose, she slept the whole night. I made sure she had a long sleeve shirt with her night pjs to keep her warm since she kicks her blankets off. And she’s only 9 weeks old, she started to sleep all night at 3 weeks. Also try different times for bed, I put pjs on at 7pm, let her play till 8 and feed at 8:30 and she sleeps by 9:30 Hope that helps

@Selena thank you I appreciate it !

It’s so hard because every baby is different!! Have you tried a sleep sack before? If you’re are comfortable with weighted sleep sacks that may help your little one feel more secure but they aren’t recommended by the American Academy of Peds…. that being said they have helped my baby sleep from 9pm-6am before! My little one still will wake up occasionally throughout the night to eat or due to gas etc. My other suggestion is if your little one is gassy try giving gas drops with their feeding at night and see if that helps as well. Keep it up mama we’re in the trenches with you!!

@Jessica thank you def will try this out 🤍

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