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I don’t know if I’m being dramatic but there has been a lot of things my MIL has done that’s made me feel a type of way. I’m a type of person that doesn’t like to cause conflict or awkwardness in the family but I really want to put my foot down now. When my LO was born my MIL persisted on giving him water because that’s what they do in her culture. She wouldn’t let it go in the beginning and I told my boyfriend about it and he stuck up for me and said no but I have a gut feeling she was doing it without us knowing. At 4 months I started giving my LO purees and as soon as she found that out she started giving him heavy adult food without even asking me. It makes him so constipated as well. She also force fed my LO porridge to where he was crying so much and I explained to my boyfriend that I don’t think he likes it because he’d cry every time he ate the porridge and not for any other food. I also have a freezer stash of breast milk that I preserve at my boyfriend’s house for when I go out. I told them not to use and they just helped themself to it. Then yesterday my boyfriend’s dad took the baby out without even asking me. Bearing in mind I’m in the house. I just feel as if they don’t ask me anything and feel as if it’s their child which is annoying because I’d never take out any of their younger children without asking the mum or dad. There’s been so many other things as well. Sorry for the long post🥲
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You need to sit down with your partner and discuss the very much needed boundaries for the MIL and FIL. And if they don't listen what steps you're prepared to take to safe guard your child. If it was me I'd be flipping my lid and if they didn't change I'd cut contact because the risk to baby is too much. Families important but no where near as important as your child.

You are not being dramatic. They are not respecting you as your child mum or your boundaries on how to parent. It is hard those that are meant to be in your village/ support circle are the cause of stress. I think raise your concerns and keep advocating for your son. Try do it with your partner

@Helen @Leanne Yes it’s so true, thank you I definitely will be♥️

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