How long does your baby nap for?

How many times a day does your baby nap? How long for at a time? Struggling with 30 min naps at a time and baby being over tired but doesn't seem to want to nap any longer
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Only 30-40 mins if in her bed (20 in car!!!) but will easily sleep 1.5-2 hours in our arms. So I usually do 2 cot naps and 1-2 contact or pram naps to make sure she gets around 4 hours sleep per day

@CeeCee she has always napped in her buggy and then cot at night but is now waking up after generally 28 minutes 😅 she won't contact nap either. She sleeps in the car but don't have the fuel money to be driving round for an hour everyday🤣 I really want her to sleep more for her development but nothing seems to be working at the moment

If in the car they will literally sleep for hours haha but at home usually 30-45 mins Honestly I don’t track it at all. I find it hugely stressful trying to follow online recommendations for wake windows etc and came to the conclusion every baby is different and I just need to understand what mine want. Since I let go of that and just followed their cues life is so much easier. Some days they have long naps some days they have lots of short ones, either way they still down at night around 7-7.30 absolutely fine x

@Jaz I definitely follow her cues because 100% believe every baby is different! But she does seem grumpy if she doesn't sleep enough, if she has a good hour nap at a time she wakes happy and is happy interacting etc, but with these 30 min naps every 3-4 hours she gets really grumpy and upset. Maybe just the 4 months sleep regression! X

Literally regardless of where he is, his cot, my arms or the car it’s always between 30-50 minutes no matter what. Still on 4 a day and hoping they might extend when we get to 3

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