I’m heartbroken this morning. When I dropped my boy Zack off this morning he feel asleep in the car so I carried him in which he woke up and realised where he was and that I was leaving him there. Of course he starting crying….whaling! The reaching out to me is what killed me! Now I can’t wait to go pick him up….but I really enjoy free time/working from home. The mum guilt is high at the moment.
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Ohhh I know how hard that is but do try not to worry. You’re gonna have loads of days like that. Don’t have guilt though you need your time too. Some days my little boy is clutching to me for dear life tears streaming him not wanting me to go and leave him and the next day doesn’t even say good bye. He’ll be fine and you’ll be fine ❤️

Just wait till they get to the stage when they squeal in delight when they see them and run in without so much as a glance back to make you feel just as bad! You’ll have mom guilt either way so you may as well enjoy the bit of time to yourself which makes you better able to be present when you do spend time with them.

Im the worst for nursery drop offs my husband hates it if they cry at all i end up not taking them 🤣

My LG has on many occasions cried her eyes out at drop off, but I know all too well she's got about 14 more years to go in Education, so she may as well get used to it! They'll be fine! Every time I drop her off crying I pick her up smiling,happy and having thoroughly enjoyed herself!

Please don’t worry. My 18 months still screams the place down as soon as we walk towards the door and he realises where he is! But often, the teacher goes he’s fine when he gets to the classroom and the pictures and reports I get shows he’s having a good time, once he’s over the initial shock! I do feel guilty but I know it’s good for him and it’s important for me to have a few hours to myself so that I can be a better parent to him. You’re a fab Mum and feeling guilty is natural x

My twins are being looked after by my parents. And the last few weeks they have start screaming as we walk toward my mom's car where I drop them. As soon as we say our goodbyes and close the car door they are if nothing happened, happy playing with their toys! And my mom sends me videos and pictures all day so I know they are having a wonderful time!

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