Tinzaparin sodium injections

I have to do these injections twice a day for 6 weeks due to blood loss from my c section and I don’t think my stomach can take them anymore. I’ve been doing them for 2 weeks now but my stomach is in agony. I don’t think I can do another 4 weeks and it’s making me so anxious but I’m terrified if I stop of the consequences 🫠
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Do they have to be done in your stomach? Can you not pinch an inch on your upper thigh and do them there?

@Mama A I was told I have to do them in my stomach in line or below my belly button xx

I had these, and was told i have to do them in my leg😫

Oh weird! I had dalteparin and was told either stomach or leg. I chose leg! Maybe they’re a bit different then. I feel for you, I only had them for 10 days and it wasn’t pleasant! X

You’ve got this ❤️ I have my last one of six weeks tonight! Check with your midwife if you are able to put them in your thighs instead, this is where I’ve been doing mine and they said I was fine too x

I was advised to do the injections just above my wound as the area was still numb from the c section. My husband would feel around the area to check which part was numb before doing the injection for me. They still weren’t pleasant but it made it a bit more bearable!

Thanks all, it’s just really affecting me mentally doing these injections. I just want to stop doing them but so scared for the side effects of not doing them (literally death 🫠). My midwife’s coming over tomorrow so I’ll be checking if I can do them in my thighs instead, can imagine it hurts even more there though 🥲

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