Braxton hicks

Anyone else getting braxton hicks yet? I’m so uncomfortable with them 😂
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I dont think i have experienced them yet but interested to know what to look out for and what they feel like?x

Yes I am getting them! Just a really weird and sudden tightening of the belly which becomes like rock. Not really painful but so weird and I agree, uncomfortable!

@Caitlin My whole stomach just gets tight and rock hard for like 20-60 seconds maybe :). They’re not painful. Just more inconvenient 😂 Xx

@Siddy exactly! I don’t think I got them with my first pregnancy until about 35 weeks or something. So having them now is a bit of a shock 😂

I have SO many of them, constantly except for the night. Maybe every 30min or so sometimes this the same for any of you? I am a bit concerned..

@Paloma exactly the same! Can sometimes go a few hours without noticing them. But tend to get a couple an hour at least 🥴xx

oh thats so reassurring to hear,i thought I was the only you get concerned about them affecting your cervix lenght because of how many a day you get? Im terryfied of that

Yes and theyve got significantly worse in the past week or so. Were in turkey so ive literally had arguments with this girl saying she needs to wait til were back in england atleast 🤣

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