Anyone else 10 weeks pp and already had there second period already I had 1 at 7 weeks pp now I’m 10 weeks pp and seem 2 be having another 1 😩 not sure if it’s cause I have the implant or not?
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Yes I’ve had two and my babies 11 weeks

@Charl have u also got the implant x

@Sarah oh no sorry I was on the pill before I got pregnant not sure what to have now x

I’ve just started my first one 8 weeks pp. Waiting on my 8 week check up with Dr so I can start my contraception. It’s much heavier than my usual periods though x

Yes I’d be going onto my 3rd. And mine has been not as regular as it used to be. Hopefully you get levelled out soon

It could be due to the implant. I don't have one now but I've had two in the past. They didn't agree with me and made me bleed constantly. I'd have three days a month where I wasn't bleeding. They take a couple months to settle, if they settle.

@Katie this is what I was thinking cause I remember before having my daughter I used 2 be on the implant then aswell and sometimes I would bleed for about 3 weeks straight then I got it fitted again about 5 weeks ago had a period on the 23rd of april only finished last week now it’s back again 🙄 x

@Jessica mine started 23rd of April and only finished last week now started again 😩 x

@Charl I’ve always had the implant but thinking of getting it taken out if it’s gonna keep making me bleed and just use some other sort of contraception x

@Abbie mine hasn’t been heavy but it’s just so annoying cause only stopped last week now it’s back again 😩 x

@Sarah oh is that what pp periods are like? There’s no 21 day break in between

@Abbie no I think it’s because of the implant and that’s why it’s like that x

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