Baby rolling onto front when asleep!

My little boy (4 months today) rolled onto his front last night. Is this happening to anyone else and what have you been doing ?
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Yes! Started in the last week or so, LB turned 4 months yesterday. I've been putting him back on his back...and praying he doesn't wake!

Is he doing every night ? We transitioned him into his own room, now I debating whether I should put him back in with us !

Yep every night. He's still in our room, his cot is right by the side of my bed so I can keep a close eye on him. When he's on his play mat he can roll both ways but it's not consistent/every time so I'm worried he'll get stuck on his front when in his bed asleep!

This happened to us and he’s unable to roll from his front to how back, so he would wake up crying face down on the mattress and I had to flip him back. He did it for about a week and then the novelty of being able to roll wore off 😅 but it was tiring!

My little boy is the same he ends up sleeping on his front with his face to the side or wakes up hitting his head on the sides or just being half awake 🤦🏼‍♀️😂 I hope he gets bored soon!

I tried the sleep sack with his arms out last night and he slept the best he has ever had and no face planting on the mattress 😅😅

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