Hair fall out

My hair started falling out about 4 months after I had my baby. My child is close to being 2 and it’s still falling out. Not as much as it was but still too much to say it’s normal. It doesn’t actually make my hair thinner somehow but every time I brush I’m covered in it. It gets everywhere, all over my partner and child and in my food. Drains get clogged from one shower so I’m de clogging after every shower. It’s driving me nuts. I thought it may have been stress related as I was very stressed during the first year of having my baby but now I’ve dealt with all that stuff and feel good and on track with my life it’s still falling out tons. And I know I’m not crazy because my partner will run his fingers through my hair and loads of strands will be around his fingers. Anyone else have this? I would book a docs appointment but they keep saying there’s no available spaces 🙄
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I’d get your thyroid checked

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