I am gutted

So I had all these amazing plans to start baby led weaning. I was so excited and nervous and just ready to start. And I can’t. We had an appointment for my sons reflux and a swallow study and he can’t effectively swallow or cough when he needs to so it isn’t safe to start him on ‘real people food’ we can start with purées but I am just so gutted over this. I was so excited and now we have to stop. On top of that I might have to stop breastfeeding because he is having a really hard time with the very thin liquids (I.e. breast milk). And I just don’t know what to do anymore. I am so overwhelmed with all this. We are at weekly appointments for this to try and fix it but I am so lost.
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My baby has a cleft palate so I 100% understand your pain! It will get better I promise!

Not sure why purées are okay if his issue is with swallowing. Does he need an occupational therapist or feeding specialist? He is super super young, so I wouldn’t be too discouraged.

@Monét he has such bad reflux that with thinner liquids they move too fast and he either doesn’t swallow all of it or when he aspirates a little he isn’t coughing like he should because he is so desensitized because of the reflux

@Emma ahhh I see I see. Aw poor babe. I think it’s great that you’re ahead of it and he’s so young. So much time for this to improve.

@Monét I’m hoping we can get it fixed quickly

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