Napping and noise

So my baby is 14 weeks and sleeps amazing at night. Day time naps are hit and miss. We got down to 3, 10 min naps. It was awfull. I think i have sussed it. In the kitchen with the radio, washing machine and tumble dryer. He's now napping for 1-2 hrs The problem is I'm gonna run out of washing. And I've tried white noise with no luck.
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Maybe bathroom vent fan on or kitchen vent fan on?

Yes extractor fan can work! Or try vacuum noise on spotify lol

Firstly, pls feel free to come and take some of my washing, seems like my basket is never empty lol And yes Spotify or YouTube for these sounds might be a good shout x

You could record the noise yourself and then play it back to baby when you need it

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