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So I’m a first time mum and my little girl has just turned 1! When did everyone introduce cows milk i sometimes put it in her breakfast and seems to eat all of it but haven’t tried her with it in the bottle yet to replace formula. What does everyone else do and do you keep to their morning and night bottle? So confusing 😂😫
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So about a week or two prior to my baby turning 1, I started to ween. Since you’ve already been incorporating the milk, you can start mama! I started little by little. My baby drinks an 8oz bottle. So at first I did 1-2 oz whole milk then the rest formula, & gradually increased the whole milk throughout the 2 weeks. By the day of her birthday, she was on complete whole milk for the 8 oz. This worked for us. I’m not sure the EXACT measurements for weening but like you, I already started incorporating the whole milk prior to adding to her bottle. & yes I keep her morning and night bottle. She’s in day care right now and throughout the day they offer the bottle if she’s being picky with what they give her. Morning I send her with a bottle of milk and at bed time she drinks a bottle as well (& during the night because she’s still waking up & looking to eat/comfort eat to go back to sleep lol😭) I hope this helps !

I introduced it to my daughter however it didn't sit well with her stomach because she's lactose intolerant from what we discovered. So she didn't receive it, instead she gets goats milk formula only for her night time bottle and throughout the day she drinks water with her meals. So my daughter doesn't have a morning bottle. I suggest slowly introducing it in small amounts in a bottle then slowly increasing the amount if she's doing good with the cow's milk.

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