Clingy baby

How are people coping with a clingy baby? My little girl wants to be held constantly and I can't get things done. I've resorted to this baby sling for around the house use but it is too big for her. She's 2 weeks old and only just started to fit newborn clothes. How are you dealing with your clingy baby?
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My baby is clingy too, I let her sleep on me, everything else can wait. You are their safe space and they aren’t used to this world. I read somewhere they think you both are still one person and only around 7 months do they realise they are separate from you

@Ana that is a sweet way of looking at it! I just like being able to do things and being a uni student I have assignments to do too. it gets frustrating not being able to move around freely

I know what you mean, I’m so used to doing things around the house and being dependent but I keep telling myself that everything can wait and that they are only this little once and soon they won’t want to contact naps and will miss that

I have this carrier and found when my little girl was newborn that if i tried the first wrap around more on my ribs under my boobs it fitted her much better if that’s any help xx

Join baby wearing Uk on Facebook, they’ll be able to give you a fit check and help you adapt the sling to baby’s size to get the best fit x

@Ana I second what Ana has said! This is my second baby and I know how quickly time goes so I’m making the most of all of the cuddles. Look up the fourth trimester xx

mines just over 3 weeks old and she just wants to be held all the time, and since she won’t be like this forever i’m more than happy to let her sleep on me through the day everything else can wait

Soak it up! I’m currently sat with my feet up and my daughter asleep on me 🥰 I have bottles to sterilise and a wash in the machine that needs to be hung up & other general things to do but it can all wait x

@Chantaya thank you. I had a read of NCTs blog about the 4th trimester and makes things a bit easier. She's mine and my parents first so it's a big adjustment for all of us thats for sure

I found it improves, now on week 5 and whilst she does still want to be held will sleep in her crib more too. According to my Health visitor it’s normal for newborns and it’s good for them to be held 🤷‍♀️

I had this 3 days ago I brought a swing n he falls asleep in it have you tried this??

@Kayleigh same style as the one we have

@Courtney we have a chair but it depends on the day as to whether she'll settle in it. Today was not that day

Oh gosh I am so sorry to hear this :/ my son I noticed was attached cuz it turned out he was struggling for Wind xx

Have you tried bath time n then seeing if she’s asleep to them put her down?

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@Courtney we've done a few baths but they make her more cuddly

@Courtney she refuses to let us wind her and prefers to be sat up to wind herself

Ohh gosh 🙈 he hates being winded too he fidget and cries because of trapped wind. It’s crazy how every situation is different

I really hope you find away around it

@Courtney she just refuses to bring up any wind. We tend to just put her over our shoulders and she brings it up herself

It’s hard I had my baby in December but joined to post what I had put in my hospital bag and any other advice as I’m ahead. I really struggled with being able to put baby down and do things like just put a wash on , etc I didn’t notice myself in the mirror from lack of self care it was very hard I had to use a sling too. The only advice I can give is by 3 months old it’s sooooo much easier u can pop them in a seat etc while getting ready and I feel better in myself and we still cuddle and co sleep and have lots of closeness but am able to do things. Looking back I remember crying from not being able to do anything and now I realise I was healing and we had both gone through a very traumatic transition lol so as hard as it is do your best but don’t worry too much the days will come when it’s much easier for now heal rest and cuddle. Though I did buy a big swing with lights and it rocked which helped a bit for doing small things that didn’t take long. The reason it’s hard when their

This small is because they can support themselves they want to be close to you as they find comfort in that and don’t have much attention span for other things as their vision isn’t great you might end up finding you don’t have a clingy baby just one that is developing and right now needs you to feel safe supported and comforted 9 months inside to then be put down is heartbreaking though frustrating for you. Swaddling and putting down when asleep can help as they feel as though u are there I use to sleep with the swaddle on me so it smelt of me and that use to work too. Also the pram! During the day the pram was amazing downstairs she would stay in there pretty much soundo and if she woke up dummy and a little push of the pram she’ll go back off. Also popping baby on side (supervised day naps) I found use to help her to settle on her own too still works now. Good luck it’ll get easier you’re at the hardest part in my opinion.

@Jodie thank you I really appreciate it. I'm currently eating dinner with her fussing on my lap. I can't wait for the day I can eat dinner without her needing cuddles too

@Ebony I remember the frustration you’re doing really well. It’ll pass. Now my 4 month old will sit in her bumbo seat and watch coco melon or grab toys and I can eat freely lol the seasons will change

@Ebony I have this same issue with little man have you tried infocol this didn’t help my little man he didn’t agree with it. It’s meant to help though so try that! Also have you had your health visitor check yet for little one? Have you tried bicycle with legs and legs stretching? Or putting her on your lap with head facing down belly to leg n rub her back that way. Xx

@Courtney bottom gas is no issue. Its top gas we struggle a little more with but as she's still producing gas even if it's by herself we're not worried. We usually rest on over our shoulder or on our chest and rub her back so she relaxes and burps. Other than being clingy she is healthy and developing as she should be so no one has any worries or concerns

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