Hello, my little one is 16 weeks and used to have a few 30 min naps throughout the day. The last few days he has napped for nearly 2 hours and then had shorter ones. Is this normal at this age? Ive wanted him to nap but I'm worried now he's really sleepy 🙈 they can't win! I'm sure it won't last long as everyday is different. I have been following huckleberry and following the 5 shorter naps a day but would this mean he may need less naps now and I should follow the 4 nap a day schedule? He also keeps falling asleep while feeding at the moment so worried he has no energy? Thank you!
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He might be going through a growth spurt- the goal is to eventually get to longer naps so this is a great start!

If its any help- mine only does 30-40 mins if in her bed (20 in car!!!) but will easily sleep 1.5-2 hours in our arms. So I usually do 2 cot naps and 1-2 contact or pram naps to make sure she gets around 4 hours sleep per day

Yesterday we were out all day so my little one catnapped on the go.. had 5 naps of 30-45mins each.. today he is on his last nap of the day and it’s only his 3rd nap as he has napped for 1-2hrs. Wake windows are about 2 hours now for us. He may be having a growth spurt which is why he’s sleeping more. Enjoy the naps while they last! X

My little boy is 19 weeks. He normally has 4 naps, 3 are around 30 - 45 mins long, one is around 2-2.5 hours. He has been doing this since around 15 weeks x

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